From Alexa and Siri to factory robots and financial chatbots, technology is reshaping every industry. In this rapidly evolving landscape, business and government leaders will have numerous opportunities to tap into a wealth of potential.


Industry 4.0 is changing the role of manufacturing, putting the spotlight is on machines. However, humans still perform most tasks on the factory floor. The most effective digital strategies will gather as much data from people as they do from machines to not only sense business requirements and opportunities but also pivot manufacturing capabilities.

Supply chain

As digital trends weave their way into all every industry, technology is revolutionizing the supply chain. And advances such as the Internet of Everything, deep learning, 3D printing, and big data  are disrupting every business model. Forward-thinking logistics companies are mastering the transition of their operating models and their workforce.


With promising new technologies continually coming to market, experimenting is becoming expensive. Still, companies often test strategies in factory-level siloes. A comprehensive strategy can unlock the full value of Industry 4.0—backed by a governance model with central coordination and local execution.